Dependency Injection in Flutter

Every project, even a simple one, at certain point need proper layer separation. If you separate responsibilities for better testability and robustness, you will end up using some kind of DI.  There is a great article about kiwi (https://medium.com/flutter-community/announcing-kiwi-52ddb3935e6d) which describes the basic DI setup in the Flutter app. In this article, I want to [...]

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Complex event processing (CEP) [part 1]

Nowadays events sound modern in IT. What you have in mind is probably asynchronous processing of data, which is considered good, because it saves precious CPU time and code acts when it needs to act - no polling, no repeating, just like hardware interrupts. This is well understood for tech-savvy people, but where does complex [...]

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Is it worth spending a moment and implementing HTTP/2 support in your application?

For 3.5 years, we have been able to use the HTTP protocol, which is marked with the number 2. In the network you can find a lot of information that encourages its use. However, we will also find opinions undermining the advantages of the new solution. Where did these doubts come from? In the following [...]

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Keep your code clean

Few steps to improve the quality and the readability of your code Writing a clear code can be a challenge for many developers. What mistakes make our code incomprehensible and what we can do to avoid them? Let me share with you a couple of tips which helped me to improve my coding skills. 1. First [...]

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Speed-up your coding with PHPStorm features

In this post, I want to present you some basic features of PHPStorm IDE, which could really speed up your coding process. Beware. You'll not find here any fancy things  - just basics. But still very helpful if you didn't know it before. Plugins You can install plugins on Preferences > Plugins page. Codeglance Plugin page: [...]

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