Why measure smog at your desk?

Artur Gołdyn will tell you why measuring air quality is very important to your health and daily activities. He will also tell you how you can measure crucial parameters with the tools you can simply do by yourself. With one simple device connected to your PC or Raspberry, you can display air quality measurements taken at your desk, on your computer screen, tablet, smart TV, or whatever device you want in your home or work network. This raises awareness of all your friend and family members in a high-tech way, which gives you solid data about your closest environment. […]

Introduction to websocket protocol

What is a websocket? Websocket is a fairly new Internet protocol that allows a permanent connection between the client and the server. It allows for asynchronous data exchange without the need to send additional HTTP requests. Similar to the HTTP, it works over the TCP layer and uses the same ports, that is 80 for [...]

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