Java Tips & Libs. A few.

I have been a Java Developer for almost 2 years, so not very long in terms of programming. Yet, I want to share with you some tips, libraries and other stuff that I found very helpful through these several months. Streams API Java 8 has been almost 5 years here with us, but I still [...]

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Equiqo @ CodeMotion 2018 in Berlin

On November 20-21 I had a pleasure to participate in the CodeMotion 2018 conference in Berlin. I’m Szymon, senior software developer with passion for programming. I’ve supposed to attend in to the nice, professional conference. And I had no disappointment in this area. Let me share my impressions which I had there during that two-days event with you. As I mentioned earlier, whole event was organized in Berlin and lasted two days, so I had to stay overnight and arrange transport. In terms of location, the organizers made sure that the chosen place (KulturBrauerei) was located very conveniently. From metro line U2 to the entrance of the conference there was no more than 300-500m. There was also a tram stop in the area. In the case of accommodation, the capital of Germany does not require a description: everyone can find something for themselves and in a quite convenient location. […]

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Introduction to websocket protocol

What is a websocket? Websocket is a fairly new Internet protocol that allows a permanent connection between the client and the server. It allows for asynchronous data exchange without the need to send additional HTTP requests. Similar to the HTTP, it works over the TCP layer and uses the same ports, that is 80 for [...]

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